Donkeys of Blasket

Photography: Donkeys of Blaskett

Donkeys of Blasket


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I came across these house dwellers on a great trip to the Blasket Island (Co.Kerry, Ireland) in 2006, grabbed a few snaps before they came out to catch the evening sun.

Blasket Island lies approximately 2 km from the mainland at Dunmore Head, and extends 6 km to the southwest, rising to 292 metres at its highest point (Croaghmore). The nearest mainland town is Dunquin; a ferry to the island operates from a nearby pier during summer months.

The island was inhabited until 1953, when the Irish government decided that it could no longer guarantee the safety of the remaining population. It was the home of three noted Irish writers: Tomás Ó Criomhthain, Peig Sayers and Muiris Ó Súilleabháin. Their works were all written in Irish, and have all been translated into English, as well as other languages. The homes of Tomás Ó Criomhthain and Muiris Ó Súilleabháin are now in ruins but the house in which Sayers once lived has been restored, and used to form part of the hostel which previously functioned on the island.

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