Shay started taking photos as a kid in the mid 80s using an Agfamatic 55C, eventually in the 90s upgrading to a Pentax. Dipping in and out of it for a number of years he moved in to videoing punk gigs in the late 90s to mid 00s when he ventured back to photography jumping in to the digital age.

> Since then he has continued with the gigs, solely on the photo side, with loosing a lens or two to the pit!

> Some fashion and portraits, but keeps that to a minimum due to too many no shows or "sorry hun, hungover we'll do it some other time"

> Protests, the Irish love protests and make the best signs!

> Plenty of landscape travelling around in his 'camper-car' looking for the best spots

> And night stuff, standing around in the cold waiting for the clouds to be perfect

Highlights over the years include, documenting a couple of USA tours with his great friends in Dublin hardcore band 20 Bulls Each; a collaboration with his illustration friend Paul Duffy on their project Living Amongst Us; and having one of his protest photos in the The GAA: A Peoples History.

His photos have been used by; History Channel, Discovery Channel, ABC Studios, Lonely Planet, Amazon Content Services, Conde Nast, Microsoft Multimedia Publishing,  Hearst, AOL,  The Box Plus Network, Permanent TSB, Irish Times, Cambridge University Press, About.com, Time Inc., Ecornell and many more.

Always busy with taking pics and his side projects: