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How I Work

Whatever your needs, whether you want a particular photo of somewhere or you need shots of your business, your band, or you’re building a modelling portfolio, I make the whole process as easy and straight forward as possible. Get in touch with your needs and we’ll have it sorted in no time.

Why choose me

  • Experience in may areas

    I've touched on most areas and can probably cover whatever your needs are.

  • Fast turnaround

    I don't take on too many jobs like many photographers do, so my turnaround time of getting you your photographs is fast.

  • Friendly process

    Whether its you I'm photographing, your business or getting you a particular shot I keep everything as easy as possible.

  • Mobile studio

    I don't currently have a studio, but the studio gear is mobile so can be set up at your location fairly quick, or we could find a space for it.

My Services

Stock Photography

Appropriate photos are very important for your business, but stock photography can be expensive, especially for small and start-up companies. Don’t just grab an image off the internet to later get yourself threatening legal letters in your mailbox. I do sell on stock sites but also hold back a large amount. If I have one in my repository or your needs are local enough I can probably get your shots at a more affordable rate.

Your Business

When customers go to your website or your social media profiles, they like see photos of your business; your premises, your equipment, and your staff. While some companies go for headshots I urge companies to take a more candid approach and take photos of you working and interacting. You don’t want to be models so why put yourselves through that horrible process (yes I hate being in front of the camera too!).

Fashion & Portraits

I know how hard it is to stand in front of a camera. I keep it fun and relaxed, it wont be rushed, I won’t have bookings back-to-back and trying to boot you out the door. Before we shoot we’ll go through exactly what you want and through a Pinterest board together so we both know what you’ll be getting. The best photos come when you’re enjoying it so make sure you have your Spotify playlist ready for when we shoot because you probably won’t like mine 😉

Something for your wall

Take a browse here, you might just find that shout you’ve been looking for for over the mantle piece.

Your Event

Need photos of your event or your business at an event?

Whatever else!

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