No to Trump’s Travel Ban on Muslims

Project Description

After President Trump’s (or is that President Bannon’s) first week in office, there was numerous horrible Executive Orders, ridiculous statements from the President and a number of his people (Spencer, Conway) not to mention his daily tantrums on twitter. About 1,000 people gathered outside the US Embassy in Dublin, in the rain to protest all these actions. Awful focus on these due to it raining heavier than can be seen in the photos and I could barely see through the viewfinder.

After posting these on social media I got a number of hate mail that can only make me laugh. What was surprising though was so much vitriol coming from Irish people, not just Trump voters. Of course a lot of this was dopes just trying to stir and deleted their accounts soon after, but jasus sake!

“Fuckin wasters, my money is paying your dole”
I’m not on the dole, self employed, earning less than the dole. This was on 6pm, I got on the DART with people leaving their work to see half my carriage get off and walk up to the Embassy. Oh, not to mention I usually sell these pics to stock sites, its not just for my social media.

“Fucking libtard cuck”
I am a PHOTOGTAPHER. I document as much as I can.

“Trump is doing a great job, why aren’t you protesting other things”
Since you found me on social media, have a little scroll back, I’m sure even someone with as little intellect as you can handle that. Photo’s of Womans March, Syrian Refugee Solidarity, Anti-Water, Austerity Bailout, Property Tax, Nama, Student Protests, Gaza Solidarity, X Case, Anglo, Sell to Sea, and loads more.

“If you love Islam so much why don’t you move there.”
I’m not joking! Ok, nice one, I’m off to Islamia, I love Falafel and Hummus and they are pretty shit here.

“Have you nothing better to do.”
No I don’t, I lead a pretty sad life.

“Mind your own business”
Aren’t you the exact kind of idiot that screams foaming from the mouth about your freedom of speech.

And on and on!

Project Details

  • Date02.02.17
  • Custom FieldUS Embassy, Dublin