Wicklow Snow

First Snow of 2016

We’ve had storms and flooding for a number of weeks and a fairly mild winter, but this weekend we had a particularly cold spell and I heard the Wicklow Mountains got some snow. So I headed up, unfortunately there had been a lot of traffic up so the roads were pretty clear, but the surrounding area was still looking good. Would have preferred some blue skies to the fog!

When I arrived I was very happy to see all the trees were still standing with the fierce winds we’ve had over the last couple months.

Wicklow Winter

One of my favourite spots in the Wicklow Mountains, but first time I’ve been here in the snow.

Sally Gap Snow
A stones throw from the above photo, not many trees in this spot at all.

Mr. Melty
This little fella was on a wall on the lower end of the drive and was just holding on as most snow around him had already melted.

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