Home Made Accessories – Reflector

If you are starting to build your studio there are some great DIY alternatives you can make and use until you start getting it together properly. You can get white sheets of I think mdf for about €5 in most hardware stores, I got these in B&Q. They are light and flexible, and great for throwing light back at the model. They are about 1200mm x 600mm x 5mm.

To add a different reflection glow you can wrap them in emergency blankets, like below with the broad wrapped in a silver one. Even after I had a decent studio in place I continued to use them.

They are also great for a mobile studio if you haven’t been able to get a collapsable reflector yet, obviously they don’t travel as well as the collapsable one but they do a nice job. And of course you will need a second body or two to hold and position them if you aren’t in suitable location.

You can buy them here, for about €3 each: Silver blanket ~ Gold blanket
Some samples using the reflectors:

A couple gold ones propped up in/around the tree.

A couple silver ones in the studio.

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