Carnsore Cows

My favourites of 2015

A lone exposure up Sally Gap. I love Sally Gap, especially when you get a clear sky. It gets so dark up here you can great shots of the stars and with the light pollution you can get great silhouettes too. Luckily a meteorite just about made it into the shot.

Sally Gap Trees

This is a fav just as much for the memory taking it as the photo itself. It was a long exposure so actually even darker than this looks. I was shin deep in the water so as to avoid some rocks & grass closer to me. All around me all I could here was deers fighting & mating. Very eerie, very cool!
Glendalough Upper Lake, Wicklow, Ireland

I love Carnsore Point down at the bottom tip of Wexford. I’ve been down a few times to photograph the wind turbines, but the last few times these lads weren’t around. They were very eager to get to me, not sure if angry or friendly, haha, but they were very obliging for a few photos!
Wind farm cows

I’m really looking forward to doing more on this project with Dublin artist Paul Duffy ( He will be inserting his wonderful creations into my photos. This a little sneak peek.
Sneak peek of a collaboration with Dublin artist/cartoonist Duffys Dastardly Doodles

Another one from Sally Gap, the weather is so harsh up here even the trees (theres actually only four trees within a few kilometres here!) submit to the weather and go with the flow!
Lone Tree - Sally Gap

Áine at (the 13th) Dublin Tattoo Convention last Halloween. It was the first time I’ve had all the lighting gear out in five years.

Áine @ Dublin Tattoo Convention

Vartry Reservoir. A prefect sky at sunset to catch the water that comes out of my taps back home!
Vartry Dusk

Sick Of It All. I’ve been listening to these New Yorkers from 20 years, seen them a load of times, videoed them a couple times, but this was my first time photographing them – with the little Fuji which did a great job with the low light.
SICK OF IT ALL - Dublin [01.02.15]

Pigeon House / Poolbeg power station. Its no longer in use and the council keeps threatening to demolish the stacks. But these stacks can be seen from so many places around Dublin I hope they stay. I was scouting locations for a shoot.
Pigeon House

Plane trails usually wreck a photo, but this one was more solid than they usually look, so it made it through the deletion process!
Great Sugar Loaf, Wicklow, Ireland.

And Sally Gap again. I love this tree, reminds my of something from a magical movie. Its sits along side a stream (maybe one that makes up the Liffey), with the sun back lighting and coming through the leaves made it perfect for me.

Big old Sally Gap Tree

Two days in to 2016, light & clouds haven’t been kind and yet to take a photo!

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