Kerry is one of my favorite spots in Ireland, probably second to the Wicklow mountains. I knew spots of Kerry were lovely and dark at night, but recently having read that those parts had gotten “dark sky reserve” label, I thought a trip was in order. The weather forecast was promising so I loaded up the gear and set off on the near 6 hour drive down to Valentia Island.

I drove down in great sunshine, but as soon as I crossed the bridge at Portmagee the clouds moved in. Nothing of use was shot on the first night so I just positioned up Geokaun mountain and relaxed in a chair and enjoyed the (cloudy & misty!) views and the absence of a computer & 3G!

The next day I set off around the peninsula in the hopes that the night would be kinder with clear skies.

One of my favorite views in the area are the Skellig Islands
(Some Star Wars scenes were filmed here back in June for the new movie)
Skellig Islands



Ireland can get great surfing, this was not one of those days!
Kerry Surfer

I returned back to Geokaun, and the skies somewhat opened up.

I woke on the Sunday to amazing sunrise (although still a bit hazy/misty), so instead of heading back home I headed over to the Dingle peninsula for a few hours.

Inch Beach. Another lovely spot in Kerry.
Inch, Co.Kerry

I would have preferred if the lad in blue didn’t have eyes closed and the dog was looking my way!
A man, his dog, some people, an ATV and a crucifixion!


Disaster struck on the motorway just outside Limerick when I got a blowout at 120km! It was even scarier changing the tyre with traffic bombing by inches away!


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