About Me

Something about me

I’ve been taking photos since I was about 8, my first camera being an Agfamatic 55C, and over the years progressing up to through film and digital SLRs…and an occasional bit of medium format. My favourite areas would be Night, Live Music, and Fashion & Portraits, sometimes going out with an exact shot in mind, others just shoot whats there.

My work has been used by History Channel, ABC Studios, Amazon, Microsoft, AOL, The Guardian, The Irish Independent, The Mirror, Conde Nast, Box Plus Network, Permanent TSB, Hearst, Bauer Publishing and numerous bands, record labels and other magazines, newspapers, and marketing agencies.

A few things on the go at the moment including a collaboration with great Dublin artist Paul Duffy (aka Duffy’s Dastardly Doodles), the first pieces coming out in 2018.

Where I spend my time

Long Exposure ~ standing in the dark (not as suspicious as that sounds!)
Clients ~ whatever they need, they get
Fashion & Portraits ~ inside, dry, warm (well when not outside)!
Gigs ~ trying not to get the camera broke, while getting some shots
Protests ~ they move fast, my knees not so much!

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