Well, it doesn't do very much!

I buy a fair bit of Aliexpress, usually €1/€2 items, little tools or photo and camping accessories and while not great quality they usually do a grand job for the price, and its usually stuff you cant actually buy in a walk in shop. Before Ali it was DealExtreme. Only occasionally will I buy something electronic...

2008 on the left, 2019 one on the right.

Both are of similar size, both take micro SD, and charge by micro USB. The older one has a nicer card slot - pops in/out, the newer one a bit tricky to get the card out.

While I didn't expect either to be great, the first was bought as a novelty (and at the time was more than that), and the second was bought while I was waiting for the Go Pro Hero 8 to arrive.


Price: €3
Image Size: 1280 × 1024

When I bought this it was great at the time, keyring camera that did a decent job of photo and video for its size and especially the price! It was great for sticking on the end of a lens and doing a video of a photo session. Photos still work, just can't remember how to get video to work as it was something silly like, Click button 1 twice, then button 2! 


Price: €16
Image Size: 4032 × 3024 (click image for original - uncropped)

The page on Aliexpress for this made it look amazing, but I didn't think for a second it would be anywhere as good as that. But I also didn't think it'd be as bad as what turned up! Video didn't work, and while images where big they really weren't a lot better than what I bought 11 years before. I complained to Ali but they sided with the seller. I rarely spend more than €5 on Ali, and this is the perfect example why! Not even of use for novelty or fun.